Bosch – #DishwashLikeaBosch

This was a brief we received from a client when we worked at Decimal, We were asked to come up with a creative solution to selling the new Bosch Dishwasher that uses a lot less water than any of the competitors at the time. My Idea was to have the Billboards placed up 2 weeks before the rains to grow intrigue with the Capetonians and the big reveal when the rain came which would kick off the rest of the campaign.

Billboard Concept – Create a board with paper that dissolves, When the first rains come it washes away the paper to reveal the message

Magazine Advert

In-Store Point of Sale artwork

Promotions Page

Pledge Page

Homepage Banner on the Website

Instagram posts

Please note: This work was done when I was at Decimal, I can take credit for creating the work but this does remain the property of Decimal Agency. These where mock-ups created to present to client and it may not be the final work. Link to website

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